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Zombie Nightmare VR

Zombie Nightmare VR is a virtual reality game played by on PC using the Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch controllers. This game was developed while I was still in college for a VR class with a student peer.

Zombie Nightmare VR

Four difficulties were added to display different techniques that you could use in VR. When the first difficulty is selected, an arrow appears at the top of the screen to show where the closest zombie is. While this doesn’t seem to be too useful, it turns out that this power is ridiculously overpowered and should be used for beginners only. The easiest difficulty also adds extra bullets to your clip, extra health, and a laser sight onto your gun. At the hardest difficulty, all UI is taken away and you have less health and ammo; also, zombies can only die to headshots now, where previously they could die to body shots.

In terms of input, the user would control the gun with the right handed Oculus Touch controller and the left would be used to reload. When the player was ready to reload, they would press a button on the right handed controller and the clip would fall out. With the left hand, you could grab at your waist and you would be able to hold a clip and place it into your gun to reload it. From there, everything works as expected; to shoot the gun, simply aim and squeeze the trigger on the right handed controller.