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Twinjas is a platformer built for mobile devices featuring two ninja twins who can be switched in and out of game play, fighting enemies in a quest to save the world.



Twinjas Video Demo



An onscreen joystick is used to control the ninjas as well as onscreen buttons. The ‘A’ button jumps, the ‘B’ button attacks, and the ‘X’ button switches between the two ninjas


Fighting off the monsters as Mikael

The two ninjas are male and female, twin brother and sister. At the start of the game you can only control the male ninja who has a kunai throw attack.

Once you unlock the female ninja, you gain the ability to switch between the two ninjas. The female ninja has a sword melee attack and also has the ability to double jump, which the male ninja lacks.

The plan was to create puzzles and difficult enemies that would require you to utilize the two ninjas unique abilities together to overcome these obstacles. For example, you would be required to switch to the female to scale large pits and high ledges. The male would be good to weaken dangerous enemies from a distance.


A whole story mode was planned to be made, revolving around defeating a samurai and smaller minibosses in different “worlds”. Some dialogue scenes were created to add to the story as well.



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