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Triadic: Procedural Level

Posted on July 1, 2019  in Games, Triadic

So these past couple of weeks I spent a lot of time refactoring my code. There's always this weird thing I do where I write a bunch of sloppy code to prototype a game, but then there comes a point where I need to switch from prototype code to actual maintainable code. Finding that point is always difficult and when it happens I have to go through a period where I'm decoupling classes and following better design patterns. What I'm getting at, is that my code is a lot more maintainable now and things should flow a lot more smoothly from here on out.


I created a video below showing how a level would work using the procedural obstacle generator. As it is just a demo for the procedural obstacle generator, the actual video isn't all that flashy. I haven't added sound effects or any kind of graphical effects either, but I was listening to some music while I was recording, so... hope you like jazz.


Ya like jazz?

Level Demo



Alright, here's what I got. I cranked the difficulty to 80 and tried to survive as long as I could. At this point, it's not that difficult considering I haven't added hazards and other obstacle types yet. The important thing is the procedural generation works really well; the level creates rows of obstacles over and over by following the parameters I laid out in my earlier blog posts.


Anyhow, hope you enjoyed the small demo and I look forward to adding some hazards and other types of obstacles over the next couple of weeks.


Thanks for reading!


- Michael Hart

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