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Swatch is a prototype created for mobile devices and computers. The idea around this game is to click (or tap) the screen to change the color of your character to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles.


The premise is simple, if your color matches an object, you can pass through it; if not, you interact with the object in some way. For example, if you match the color of a ramp, you would pass through it, but if you were a different color you would collide with the ramp and move up the slope of the ramp. The same would go with hazardous objects, except that an "interaction" with one of those objects would mean death. A special color exists: black, which would be impossible to pass through and you would always interact with.


Swatch developed in Unity

In the image above, you can see a level which was designed for a beginner-intermediate skill level. The player would need to switch to blue to dodge the first razor, then red to dodge the next, then blue to climb over the first ramp, then red to pass through the blue ramp. Lastly, the would need to stay red to climb over the blue ramp and dodge the black impassible razor. Essentially all levels would have the same type of simple design with more elaborate puzzles and obstacles to overcome.


Hand drawn level and its implementation in Unity.

As the user progresses through the levels, more and more techniques are necessary to pass the game. Also, eventually the color yellow would come into play, as well as intermediate colors (green, orange, purple). If a block is an intermediate color, then either color that makes up that color could pass through it (red and yellow can pass through orange).

Another technique that would be really cool to implement into the game would be the ability to destroy blocks. This could be implemented by having the user switch to a non-matching color while inside a block. For example, if the player was passing through a red block (the user must be red at this point) and switched to the color blue, the block would be destroyed.


To entice the player to replay the game, different "awards" would be created. The following awards would be in the game:

  • Basic Award: Pass the level
  • Speedster Award: Pass the level in some set time limit
  • Conservationist Award: Pass the level with the fewest amount of color changes possible
  • Chaos Award: Pass the level by destroying as many blocks as possible.


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