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Space Switch

Space Switch is a top down shooter for mobile devices. Another game I was working on, “Swatch”, gave me the idea to work on this game instead. I liked the idea of using color switching to play a game, so I extended that idea to a space shooter type of a game.

Space Switch Demo

The Idea

The idea is simple, you control a ship and can switch between three colors: red, green, and blue. Your ship automatically fires lasers that match the color of your ship and if the lasers match the color of an enemy ship, then that enemy takes damage. If the color of your lasers do not match the enemy ship, then they can shield themselves from your lasers.


Since this is a mobile game, the controls are really simple: tapping and swiping. When you tap the screen, your ship changes colors. When you swipe the screen, the ship follows where your finger goes vertically.

The Ship

This is the default ship that the player controls and the three colors that can be switched between. I do want to eventually have many more types of ships that the player can unlock and choose from. The default ship should have a nice balance of HP, firepower, and special abilities.

Aside from how each ship looks and the amount of health they have, each ship will also have different basic attacks and special abilities.

Basic Attack

A basic attack is simply a timed laser that is shot without the user having to do anything. The default ship shoots a laser forward every half second and it does a medium amount of damage to enemies.

Special Abilities

Each ship will also have 3 abilities based on the 3 colors that they can switch to. The red ability will be an attacking ability, green will be some type of health recovery, and blue will be some form of defense. For the default ship, the red ability shoots a swarm of non-colored missiles, meaning they damage all enemies regardless of their color. The default ship’s green ability heals a large amount of health and the blue ability gives a spinning shield around you that protects from other ships and projectiles.


While I am not currently working on this game, I do want to come back to it at some point, as I do think this would be a really fun idea.


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