Mr. Hart Games

Making games with Hart.


Loteria with Friends

The world famous Mexican bingo game, to be playable on Xbox, Playstation, PC and mobile!

Tech Used: Unity, C#, NUnit, Javascript, Node.js, Socket.IO, Mocha, Chai

Space Switch

Top down color switching space shooter featuring different ships and special abilities.

Tech Used: Unity, C#, NUnit


2D platformer where you can switch between two ninjas to fight enemies and solve puzzles.

Tech Used: LibGDX, Java


Zombie Nightmare

A virtual reality prototype where you fight off hordes of zombies.

Tech Used: Unity, C#, Oculus Rift, Oculus Touch

Faces of War

A real time strategy game where your front camera is used to detect facial expressions to power up your soldiers!

Tech Used: Unity, C#, OpenCV, Facial Recognition


Prototype based on switching colors to solve puzzles.

Tech Used: Unity, C#, NUnit


Dodgy Tank

A top down shooter where you fight off zombies in a tank.

Tech Used: LibGDX, Java

Ninja Workout

Published running game where you dodge obstacles and eat a balanced diet.

Tech Used: LibGDX, Java

Ninja Workout