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Ninja Workout

The first game published by Mr. Hart Games, Ninja Workout is a 2D arcade style platformer video game for Android phones. Gameplay is appropriate for all ages and challenging enough for even the most battle tested gamers!



Ninja Workout was first published in July of 2014 under a more minimalist design. Originally, the art was all created by Mr. Hart and the levels’ graphics were all the same, except for the positioning of the tiles. The background of each level featured a blue sky and the power-ups were all chocolate donuts with sprinkles. The original game was very difficult to beat, as the player only received 3 lives and the speed of running was quite fast. Below is a promo graphic that was displayed on the Google Play Store with the original graphics:



In January of 2015, Ninja Workout received a major update which introduced new graphics and some new controls. Players could now swipe forward or backward to make the ninja move faster or slower, respectively. More lives were added and players could now earn extra lives by getting certain amounts of points, thereby making the game much less difficult. Balancing was also done with regards to how a player earns points: players earn more points and run faster when their “calorie bar” is closer to empty; this rewards players with a higher score by playing the game in a riskier fashion.



Ninja Workout is no longer being updated and is considered a complete game. Any further updates would come in the form of a new video game, namely Ninja Workout 2, however Mr. Hart Games does not have any plans in the future for such a game. To download Ninja Workout, check out the Google Play Store: