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New Game: Triadic

Posted on June 3, 2019  in Games, Triadic

Things have still been a little hectic for me these past few weeks, so I've decided to make my schedule even busier by working on a second game. Sure I have less hours of sleep overall, but I make it up by sleeping faster than the rest of you.

I will still be working on my Loteria game, however this game will help me work on something smaller to publish while still having a long term project.


The Idea

I've been messing with the idea of a color matching game for a while, I even created two prototypes that go along with this idea (Space Switch and Swatch). While I may still work on Space Switch, the idea that I have is more suited to a hyper casual game. So this game is my attempt to make the color matching idea in the form of a more casual game.


What you're seeing up above is the current state of the game I've been working on. If you're familiar with Unity, you'll notice I've actually been working on this game for a little bit. In fact most of the basic mechanics are down, the next big steps are the procedural level generator, art/effects, and UI.

So the basic idea is you can switch your ball between three different colors using the bottom three panels on the game screen. You can destroy blocks of the same color as you, however blocks of different colors push you back. If you are pushed all the way out of the screen, then you lose. There are also hazards that instantly kill you, so you will need to match their color to destroy them as well or simply avoid them all together. There is also a black color, that is unbreakable and you always collide with.


Next Steps

As I mentioned before, my next big steps are the procedural level generation, art/effects, and UI. The current part I'm working on is the procedural level generator and I will be posting updates on the progress I'm making in this section as I go.


As always, thanks for reading!


- Michael Hart

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