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New Game: Loteria with Friends

Posted on March 9, 2019  in Games, Loteria

This post is the first of many that I will be making to showcase what I am working on currently! I have decided to expand my skillset into the web development tech stack by creating a multiplayer game that will use a NodeJS Express server.


The game that I will be developing is "Loteria", which is essentially Mexican Bingo. For a quick understanding on how to play Loteria, here's the wiki page:


Loteria Tablas

There will be 3 main parts to the Loteria game as follows:

  • Console App
  • Mobile App
  • Multiplayer Server



Console App


The console app will be deployed on Xbox One and PS4. The console app is in control of requesting multiplayer lobbies from the Multiplayer Server and displaying the unique room code to the mobile players. From there, the players will connect with their phones to use as controllers for the game. Once all players have joined the game, you can then start the game from the console. Afterwards, the game is played just like a normal game of Loteria, with the cards being displayed on the console's screen.


Mobile App


The mobile app will be deployed on iOS and Android devices. This portion of the game is basically the player's "controller" to the game, displaying a Loteria tabla to play with. Once a lobby is requested from the console app, the players on the mobile device will need to connect to the lobby with the unique code displayed on the console app's screen.


Multiplayer Server


The multiplayer server will be in charge of handling communication between the console and the mobile apps. In the simplest terms, the server will create lobbies with unique codes that are dished out to consoles requesting them. The console displays the code, then the mobile devices connect to those lobbies with that code and the console can start the game. The multiplayer server will then relay information via sockets back and forth from the console and the mobile apps.

I am looking forward to this new venture and hope this will help me expand my web development skills as well. Thanks for reading!

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