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Loteria: Setting up the Lobby

Posted on March 11, 2019  in Games, Loteria

Hey everyone! Today's update was focused on getting the waiting lobby created for both the console and mobile side of the game



Console App


Console Waiting Lobby

Currently, I have a very simple waiting lobby showing an empty list of players, a lobby code, and the available tablas to choose from. The list of players will populate with players who join this lobby using the code that is displayed at the top (requested from the server). Tablas from the right will become greyed out as players join and select them.

Mobile App


As shown in the image above, I have a very simple UI with the ability to enter a code in and a button to submit a request to join that lobby. As of now, this button will do nothing, since the server side is not set up.



Server Side

As of this update, no code was added to the server side. The next update will consist of adding server side code to handle requests from the console and mobile apps



What's Next?

Up next should be getting the server side code to allow communication between the mobile and console app lobby code. Hopefully, by my next update I can have a simple version of the mobile app joining the console lobby and the console displaying the list of players who are joining.


Thanks for reading!


- Michael Hart

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