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Loteria: Selection Tokens in Console Lobby

Posted on April 13, 2019  in Games, Loteria

This week I've been working on completing the selection tokens of the players in the console and adding virtual players to the console side of the app. I'll explain these more in detail.


Virtual Players

What this really means, is I added a way to create and control players from the console. This makes it much easier for me to test the console purely by running the console app. Before, I would have to run an instance of the console, an instance of the server and an instance of the mobile app as well. Then, I would have to manually connect the mobile app via the console code. With virtual players, I simply hit a key and a new player is added for me to control and select tablas.

Selection Tokens

Virtual Players Selection Tokens

If you've followed the blog thus far, you'll see that this selection screen is not too different to what I had in previous iterations. I added numbers on the selection tokens to differentiate them from the others. Also, if you notice, the place that the token is placed on each tabla corresponds to that persons number as well (I thought it was pretty cool anyway).


Another feature I added was blowing up the size of the selection tokens when a player selects a tabla. Similarly, if a player unselects a tabla, their selection token will shrink back down to regular size and the tabla becomes available to select again.


Thanks for reading!


- Michael Hart

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