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Loteria: Selection display on Console lobby

Posted on March 31, 2019  in Games, Loteria

This update took me a little longer than usual since I discovered a bug in my server; I fixed the bug and went ahead and wrote a few tests to catch this error in the future. Now for the exciting stuff, I managed to get the console lobby to display each player's tabla selection.



Players selecting tablas

Those black dots on each tabla above represent a player's selection on their mobile device. When a player navigates between each tabla on their phone, the black dot moves accordingly on the console screen as well. Right now, 16 players could potentially join and all be selecting simultaneously. Unfortunately, my computer would not be able to handle 16 instances of the game running, so we will hold off on that until the testing phase of the game development.




Player 1 Mobile Screen

Player 2 Mobile Screen

The two images above display each player's navigation through the tablas available. If you go to the console lobby photo above, you can see that the tablas there match the one's on each player's screen. Right now, each player is able to select a tabla, but unfortunately nothing happens on the console side yet. On the next update, I will be adding the selecting capability.

Thanks for reading!

- Michael Hart

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