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Loteria: Planning the Initial Launch

Posted on April 4, 2019  in Games, Loteria

At the moment, publishing this game will still be a ways off (in fact, I don't even have an estimate right now); however, I do have some plans for how the initial launch will happen. The initial launch will be missing some elements of my ultimate goal for the game, so I will outline exactly what I want for the perfect Loteria game.


Ultimate Goal (aka the final boss)


As mentioned in the very first post on the Loteria game, I plan to make a Loteria game that involves a console that creates multiplayer lobbies for mobile players to join. This section outlines what I want my finished product to look like, where I will look at my game and say, "You are complete!"

Dealer App

The dealer app is what I have been referring to as the "Console App" so far. It makes more sense to call it a dealer app since it will actually be available for mobile devices as well. The full list of available devices to play the dealer app will be:


  • Mobile Devices (Android, iPhone, etc.)
  • Xbox One
  • PS4
  • PC, Mac

Player App

The player app is what I have been referring to as the "Mobile App" so far. Technically, since I will be making a web app that can be accessed through your browser, you could actually play on a PC as well if you wanted. I would like to have the following ways available to access the player side of the game:


  • Mobile App (Google Play Store, Apple Store)
  • Web App (Through browser on a website)


I do intend to sell this game at, what I believe to be, a reasonable price. The dealer app will vary in pricing depending on the device:

  • Xbox One, PS4, PC, Mac: $4.99
  • Mobile: $1.99

The mobile version of the dealer app will be slightly less expensive since having the dealer on a small screen takes a lot of the fun away from players being able to see the action happening on a big screen. The player app is completely free, making it easy to play this game at a party without everyone having to put money down.

Additional Features

There are lots of features I would like to add, while I may not do all of these, I believe they will make the game a lot better:


  • Players can take a selfie and have it show up on console as identifier
  • Add the ability to create custom Loteria cards and decks
  • Have online matchmaking with CPU as dealer
  • Soft currency system so you can "bet" in game
  • More that I can't think of right now!

First Launch (aka Level 1)


As for the first launch, I am planning to make the game entirely mobile. So the dealer side would only be accessible through the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. Eventually, I will add the actual consoles which is what the game is really intended for anyway; I am doing this at a later date though, because it is far easier to start all as mobile with how I'm developing it.


As far as the player side, again, it will only be available through the Play Store and App Store, but eventually I will develop the website to make it easier to jump in a game without downloading yet another app for your phone.


I will probably not be doing any of the additional features I listed above, since that would take a significant amount of time to create and add. However, if development of the core game goes really well, who knows, right? Anyhow, this concludes my plans for my first launch, hope work goes well and I can be there soon!


Thanks for reading!


- Michael Hart

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