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Loteria: Multiple Lobbies

Posted on March 22, 2019  in Games, Loteria

On my last update, I added the ability to create a lobby on the console app and have a mobile player join the lobby. The issue was that this only supported one lobby being created at a time. I have now added the ability for the server to create and handle multiple lobbies at the same time.


Server App


Output from Server's Console

Here the server is getting a request from one console first and creating a lobby with the code ("MYET") the server generates. Then, the server gets a second request from another console and creates a second lobby with the code ("RSNP"). Then the server receives a request to join the first lobby from one mobile device, and then another request to join the second lobby from the second mobile device.

Console App


Two consoles running lobbies

Above you can see two consoles running 2 lobbies at the same time. Each has a different mobile player in their lobbies: Mike and Michael (Mike is the cooler version of me)


Mobile App


Two mobile players joining lobbies

Above are 2 mobile devices joining their respective consoles at the same time. The server places them in their appropriate lobbies and message handling can commence between the respective console and mobile player.


That's all for today, thanks for reading!


- Michael Hart

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