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Loteria: Choosing Tablas on Mobile

Posted on March 25, 2019  in Games, Loteria

Today's update is focused on what goes on after a mobile player has joined an open lobby. After a mobile player joins a lobby, they need to choose a tabla from the list of available tablas on the console.


Selection Screen


Tabla 2

In the image above, you can get an idea how the selection process should work for the mobile player. Since I am still just working on getting a solid prototype running, I am using buttons to control choosing between the tablas; however, in the future I am going to remove the buttons and make it use swipes instead to navigate the list of tablas.

Right now, there is a list of 16 unique tablas to choose from on the console, more than enough for all the people in your party and your neighbors combined.


Selecting a Tabla


After the mobile player spends their time in deep thought and contemplation over which tabla to pick, they can press the "Select" button to lock in that tabla for the game.


Tabla 4 Selected

Once the player selects the tabla, they can no longer scroll through the other tablas and must sit in anticipation of the excitement to come. Of course, lots of people have commitment issues nowadays and will want to change their tabla after they select it: not a problem, I have included an "Unselect" button to make that break up smoother than a fresh jar of peanut butter.


Tabla 4 Unselected

Voila, the tabla you once picked is back on the open market ready to be selected by somebody else. Right now, the tabla selection happens locally on the mobile device, so naturally the next step is to connect this scene with the server and console. I wish to have the console display which users are picking which tablas. That's it for today!


Thanks for reading!


- Michael Hart

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