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Faces of War

This prototype was built with the motivation to create a game that had a wild new technology as input: Facial Recognition. I wanted to build a real time strategy game that would use your facial actions to power up your soldiers. While I am not currently working on the game anymore, it gave me some good experience using OpenCV and RTS game types.

Faces of War Demo Video

Apart from the facial recognition, the idea was simple: create an RTS game where you spawn different units to destroy an enemy’s castle. I’ve played many RTS games in my life (Starcraft, Starcraft 2, Warcraft 3, Command & Conquer, Halo Wars, etc, etc, etc.) and I wanted to make one that was completely different from the rest. So I learned some facial recognition software and went at it.

Emotion Powerups

The difference in this game from other RTS’s is the unique power-up system based on the face you make when you spawn a unit. In the video above, you can see me smile right as I create the first unit and act surprised when I spawn the second unit. Each facial emotion you make as you spawn a unit gives them different power-ups and a different colored aura around them, here’s the full list:

  • Neutral: [White Aura] Give the unit a small boost to all stats
  • Happy: [Green Aura] Give the unit a slow-medium amount of HP regeneration
  • Angry: [Red Aura] Give the unit more attack power
  • Surprised: [Blue Aura] Give the unit a significant speed increase
  • Sad: [Purple Aura] Unit’s speed is decreased, but gain significant boost in armor


My plan was to create a multiplayer mode where players could face off (pun intended) 1v1 in an effort to destroy each other’s castles. At the end of the game, a compilation of some of the faces you used to defeat your enemy would be made available for you to share on other social media sites! This would double as a marketing technique for the game as well as make it fun for the player to share some of the goofy faces they made in game that helped them win.

Multiplayer Idea