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Dodgy Tank

Dodgy Tank is a simplistic top-down shooter where you control a tank fighting off hordes of zombies. The game features dual on-screen joysticks to control your tank: the left joystick controls the movement of your tank while the right joystick controls the cannon’s aiming and shooting. As with most retro style games, the goal of this game is to get the highest score possible.


 Dodgy Tank- screenshot
While the game is simple in terms of overall design, there is some complexity in balancing the difficulty. This game features 4 different categories of enemies, each with their own unique strengths.

The Monsters


Health: 20

Damage: 5

Walk Speed: 30.0

Favorite Snack: BRAAAAAAAINS!



While not the strongest enemy, zombies can become a big problem by overwhelming you with their sheer numbers. They are slow walkers and do very little damage to your tank, however if you are cornered by a swarm, even the steel that protects you will be of little help against their ferocious attacks.



Health: 200

Damage: 10 (Projectile)

Walk Speed: 140.0

Favorite Activity: Trampling the bones of its enemies


Demons will not directly engage you, they will find a suitable area to set up and hurl boulders at you instead. The demon’s strength allows it to hurl boulders at a fast rate; if too many demons are allowed to set up, then you will surely be torn to shreds very quickly. These enemies should be prioritized!



Health: 200

Damage: 5

Walk Speed: 65.0

Favorite Outfit: Anything matching his quirky personality


Ogres are quick moving melee enemies who are tough as they are fast. While they do not appear in swarms like zombies, they can move quicker and deal damage faster, making them a much more threatening adversary.



Health: 1000

Damage: 20

Walk Speed: 30.0

Favorite Color: Burnt Sienna


Gargants are by far the strongest enemy you will face in the apocalypse. What they lack in speed, they make up with sheer brute force. Gargants can take a long time to kill, so it is advised to focus on other enemies while slowly chipping away at the Gargant’s large health pool.


Dodgy Tank is no longer being updated and is considered a complete game.  To download Dodgy Tank, check out the Google Play Store: